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Friday, January 18, 2008

article : Mannatech, And Their Ambrotose

Written by Administrator
Sunday, 30 September 2007

What Is Mannatech Ambrotose?The story begins when Mannatech scientists discovered that the carbohydrate chain is the base of everything in the human organism, but not only as a fuel for the cellular activity. Actually, this chain is composed of eight unique molecules, which play an important role, being compared to building blocks or raw materials. These unique molecules are named monosaccarhides or glyconutrients and form the cellular suface glycoprotein structures.Like pieces of a Lego game, these molecules get together, combine and multiply in our body, playing a major role in the organism’s synthesis and physiological process. Due to their specific abilities, every cell in the human body communicates to one another, through the complicate, yet reliable mechanism built up by these miraculous molecules.Why is this communication between cells so important? Our body is made up by trillions of cells. They do not exist independently. They co-exist so they need to know every cell’s role and how it affects the entire organism. Only through this communication, the human body can function properly. Mannatech found out how the cells are talking to each other and the role of the glyconutritional components in this process.

But not everything works in our bodies as it should work. The communication lines, built by these molecules, are damaged by many noxious factors, like preservatives, toxins that enter our body through the food we eat or through the air we breathe or through the entire environment that interacts with our physical beings. The pollution, the soil depletion and the limited variety of the foods we eat, all contribute to the decay of that complicated communication system in our bodies.When the communication between cells is made properly, the cell functions well, the tissue functions well and the entire body functions well with all its systems. When we lack these important molecules or they are damaged by factors like those mentioned above, the communication system falls and the human body suffers.You will not know right away that there is a malfunction in your body. The negative effects may take years to develop into an ailment or into some sort of a negative physical reaction. Then the body will not be able to heal itself as the communication between its cells is broken. The result is sickness, malfunction and the development of a serious autoimmune disease.There is a solution to give your body what it needs. Mannatech created a glyconutritional blend consisting of all eight of the monosaccharides, by taking these isolated molecules. The product, a nutraceutical supplement, is called Ambrotose Complex. If the body misses those important molecules in order to create those necessary communication lines between the cells, this supplement gives it what it needs and the body can function properly.Mannatech and Ambrotose are trademark of the Mannatech corporation in Coppell Texas. We are not affiliated with them.
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