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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

article : Top Ten Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

by: Dev Sri

Though people with an overdose of philosophy say it not what is outside, but inside the skull that counts, people suffering from hair loss wish it is the other way round. People of 'almost' all cultures are obsessed with thickly growing hair.

Ayurveda has identified this obsession a few centuries ago and has given the directions to minimize hair loss and better hair growth in its scheme of beauty care, which is commonly called lavanya sutra or the sutra for lavanyam or beauty.

Though lavanyam is referred to feminine beauty, hair loss tips are beneficial for the tougher sex too.

Here are top ten tips to prevent hair loss and ensure healthy hair growth.

1. Gently massage your scalpel with fingertips after applying a hair oil like coconut oil or sesame oil.

2. Eat Indian gooseberry in any form early in the day. Don't take gooseberry based products later in the night as it can affect your beautiful dental line.

3. Boil fresh or dried and powdered Indian gooseberry (also called amla) in coconut oil. Apply this for nourishing hair growth.

4. Eat all types of vegetables and fruits. This will ensure supply of vitamins and minerals essential for the healthy growth of hair. Vitamins and minerals are good for your health too.

5. Also eat protein rich food items – tuna, lean meat, whole milk are beneficial.

6. While bathing, wash your head with cold water only. It is winter and water is ice-cold, you can make it luke-warm. It is ok to wash your body with cold water.

7. Apply brahmi oil on your scalpel before going to bed. Good for hair growth and brain.

8. Dandruff is a cause of hair loss. Squeeze half a lemon to half a liter of water and rinse your hair and scalpel with this water as a cure to dandruff. Do this no more than three times a week and for up to a month.

9. Rosemary oil is an aromatherapy oil, which can be applied to your hair once in a week to reduce hair fall.

10. Crush a few leaves and flowers of hibiscus (shoe flower) with two or three glasses of water. The water becomes thick with the juice and use this water to wash your hair. Thoroughly cleanses your hair and gives dark bright color to your hair.

Never apply soap or high power shampoo on your head, as it can affect healthy growth of hair.

About The Author

Dev Sri provides insider information about Kerala Ayurvedic practices at

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