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Thursday, April 10, 2008

article : Free Biotechnology Trade Magazines and Journals

The Industry surrounding Biotechnology offers a number of Trade Journals.Often, these journals are available free and include product updates, news and industry trends.These journals are up to date, discuss many of the current issues related to the industry and have sources for goods and services related to the industry.Sign up on line by visiting these web sites.

BioSpace Trade Publications

����������� BioSpace has an extensive list of free trade journals and publications in all areas of specialization.They carry publications that are applicable to the Biotechnology industry.There is no charge for delivery of the publications if you qualify.They require email address and a feedback form to be filled in, this information is probably shared with advertisers.

A2C2 -- Advancing Applications in Contamination Control

����������� This magazine in published monthly.It is distributed free to qualified subscribers and is directed to the clean-room industry.The articles are very specific to the industry; use industry jargon and address technical problems.This magazine is funded through its advertisers and dedicates a lot of space to new products and descriptions of products.They periodically will have an article reviewing some aspect of the technology or industry.

On the web at

Vicon Publishing, Inc.

62 State Route 101A

Suite 3

Amherst, NH 03031

BioPharm International -- The Applied Technologies of Biopharmaceutical Development

����������� This monthly magazine is concerned with the pharmaceutical industry.It contains news items as well as mini-reviews on the technological aspects of the industry.Many of the articles address the regulations that accompany the industry.Topics include GMP, validation and the importance of working through the FDA.

On the web at

Published Monthly by

Advanstar Communications, Inc.

131 W. First Street

Duluth, MN 55802-2065

BioProcess International

����������� This magazine is written for the large-scale fermentation industry.It is interesting because it includes in its monthly format some international news items about Biotechnology and the industry.

On the web at

One Research Drive, Suite 400A

PO Box 1070

Westborough, MA 01581-6070

BioTechniques -- The Journal of Laboratory Technology for Bioresearch

����������� This is a free peer-reviewed journal that publishes original lab methods, technical procedures and technical tools.The Journal publishes papers describing new techniques and tools rather than research.It is very scientifically oriented and will require background in the methods or scientific system to be useful.It is useful to show the display of data and organization of a scientific paper.

On the web at

Eaton Publishing Company

One Research Drive, Suite 400 A

PO Box 1070

Westborough, MA 01581-6070


����������� This is a periodical free newsletter that follows different industrial disciplines that use cleanrooms.This advertiser-funded newsletter dedicates a lot of space to their products.It does have columns that address issues such as control of contamination and how to clean to reduce particulate material in the air.The newsletter is useful for examples of a cleanroom are set up and what concerns need to be addressed for proper cleanroom function.

On the web at

98 Split Brook Road

Nashua, NH 03062-5737

Drug Discovery and Development -- The Pharmaceutical Industry�s Technical Authority

����������� This monthly industry magazine has a variety of information dealing with the pharmaceutical industry.There is included a news update for the industry which tracks the industry globally.It emphasizes high tech innovations and introduces them to the industry.It tends to be very industry specific and detailed, but gives an overview of some of the areas of industry concern.

On the web at

Reed Business Information

301 Gibraltar Drive

Box 650

Morris Plains, NJ 07950-0650

Pharmaceutical Technology North America -- The Industry�s Alternative Source

����������� Delivering authoritative, reliable, and timely information about all aspects of applied research and development, scale-up, and manufacturing technologies for the pharmaceutical industry.

An Advanstar Publication

On the web at

PO Box 6188

Duluth MN 55806-6188

Open Access Journals for research or industry news

The electronic library is becoming more common.Check with your own library to see which journals are available online or through subscription.For some libraries there is no need to visit the stacks.

There is a movement to get some science publications online through open access journals.(There is a review in The Scientist there is an amazing increase in the number of scientific publications, libraries and researchers may find it less expensive to pay for publishing rather than pay for subscriptions. Here are some web sites that list free and open access research journal available online.These journals are mostly research oriented and delve into details of their discipline.

Journal of Biology

����������� Journal of Biology is a new international biology based journal published by BioMed Central. It aims to publish outstanding research articles from all areas of biology and make them immediately accessible to all, free of charge.Access is through the web site, although they will send free print versions.

Scientific American

����������� Scientific American offers some of its current article free and online

The Scientist

����������� This is one of the most interesting of the free publications in Biology.The Scientist has short and timely research news and features.They review some of the newer technologies with interviews and sources for more information.The format often has information about new research, research products and how this impacts career and professional changes.

On the web at

The Scientist, LLC

3535 Market St, suite 200

Philadelphia, PA 19104-3385

BioMed Central

����������� BioMed Central is an open access publisher.Located on its web site is a list of all journals they provide with open or free access.One can browse by subject or by keywords.This set of journals is very research oriented.


Preclinica publishes peer-reviewed studies covering all aspects of preclinical research required before clinical trials.They have government regulators on the editorial board, so there is a bent toward FDA and NIH regulations.

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology is an international scientific electronic journal that publishes papers from all areas related to Biotechnology. It covers areas from molecular biology and the chemistry of biological process to aquatic and earth environmental aspects, as well as computational applications, policy and ethical issues directly related to Biotechnology.They often have very relevant articles on Biotechnology in education.

Directories for finding free electronic journals

Library electronic Journals

����������� This is an annotated list of electronic journals.They are classified as to completely free or access with subscription or pay for view.

Microbiology Education Journal

Microbiology Education Journal is a peer-reviewed publication showcasing scholarly work in the field of microbiology education. Its scope includes outcome-based learning activities and courses that convey important concepts about the microbial world; techniques used to study microorganisms; and assessment of student learning, teaching techniques, or program effectiveness

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