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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

article : The Miraculously Nutritious Goji Juice by Kirk Bachelder

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For thousands of years, Goji juice has been well-revered in the culture of Asia, as it plays a significant role in the process of healing and the Goji berries are prevalent in numerous important medicinal treatments. Its qualities can be well estimated by the fact that in the central part of Asia, a 2-week festival is held every year to celebrate the nutritional advantages of Goji berries. Since 800 AD, most of the long-lived and healthiest people on the planet drink Goji juice daily. Most physicians and experts still recommend drinking it, the reasons can be following: * Goji juice is horded with proteins, anti-oxidants and vitamins, and is full of Vitamin E, a vitamin that is rarely present in fruits. The goji juice offers abundant health benefits, possibly even more than any other food source known till date. It holds as much as 500 times more amount of Vitamin C as in oranges, and are one of the most loaded sources of amino acids and natural carotenoids. * Goji juice has an ingredient known as polysaccharide which gives it many anti-aging properties also, and it has long been popular to slow down and reverse the aging process. It is also helpful in dealing with insomnia, increasing levels of energy, counteracting the consequences of macular de-generation and slowing the growth of cataracts. Polysaccharide increases and triggers the production of hormones of growth, which rejuvenate the body cells, thus causing the body to stay healthier and younger for long. * For countless decades, goji juice has been used as a method of losing weight. Although it does not evaporate fat cells from the body, it is helpful in curbing appetite and speeding up the process of fat burning. Since goji juice also increases the levels of energy, this makes it easier to stick to a diet regimen and to exercise. * Goji juice helps in boosting the immune system, thus the body produces healthier cells which are able to ward-off illness. The amino acids present in goji juice are said to increase the white blood cells, thus enhancing the body's ability to fight disease and infection. * Goji juice is known to improve overall well-being of a person. Also known as 'happy berries' or 'smiling berries', goji berries produce a sense of calmness, happiness and peacefulness. * One of the lesser known advantages of goji juice is that it also increases sexual desire, especially among women. The best thing about goji juice is that till now, no adverse or negative effective have been reported so far. For More about Goji Juice Visit here

About the Author

The author Kirk Bachelder manages a business offering Goji Berries, Goji Berry Juice and Goji Seeds for sale at

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