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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

article : Quantum Physics and the Living Universe by Ragnar Storyteller

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The Living Universe

The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. The materialistic scientists have grabbed hold of it and are talking and writing it to death. The extremely high levels of abstractions that they use are way above the heads of the average man and woman and this shouldn't be.

The Universe is far more easy to understand if we stop trying to dissect it and classify it and put it in one of the Departmental Drawers in one of the Universities.

The one major difficulty that many of the eggheads who are studying and talking and writing about Quantum Physics (while they are getting their egos inflamed as well as their $$$grants) is that they leave out God.

I am not talking about one of the God's of the dogmatic religions prevalent on the planet. I am talking about the Creator God, the Grand Architecht of the Universe what the ancients speak about. It is the Creator God that has set everything that you and I know (and a great deal we do NOT know about) into motion.

The second thing that they leave out is that we live in a living, expanding Universe. It is alive and conscious just as you and I are alive and conscious only in a different, much vaster degree. It has a function, purpose and destiny just as you and I have a function purpose and destiny.

Stop analyzing and start enjoying. Stop seeking and let it BE.

The key to all the so called mysteries of the Universe, such as Black Holes and Super Novas exist in the Quantum Ocean. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of Thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. It is the Mind of God.

The Creator God put everything possible, everything that ever was, is or will be into this thinking Ocean of Energy.

We as human beings, 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean many times. Each time we blinked out it was called a life. Every time we died we 'blinked back in.'

Why all this 'blinking out and 'blinking in?' Because it is the process the Creator put into place to allow us to reach our goal, our destiny. And that is to become more God-like, more conscious with each new incarnation untill we reach 'critical mass' and do not have to live physically again.

The Universe and the Galaxies, Planets and Sun also 'blink in' and 'blink out' of the Quantum Ocean. The ancient yogi's and Brahmin's knew this.

No body knows the timing factor, but why do we have to? It is not important. It is what my teacher called 'Decorative' knowledge. What we need to pay attention to is 'functional knowledge.' What we can do on a daily basis to grow and BE. We must be after our 'Father's' work. And that work is to raise our levels of Consciousness, to become more God like, to EVOLVE.

Decorative knowledge may be fun to read about, but it has no real value for us.

I know that if a materialistic scientist reads this he will scoff at the childish simplicity of my words. I have two reply s. My teacher told me once, "...Unless you can talk about something in your own words so that others can understand you, you don't know what you are talking about.."

And a greater teacher than him once said, "...Unless you become like little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. All the Answers are there and we do not need telescopes nor microscopes to get the answers.

The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God responds to all our thoughts and questions. The higher we raise our level of consciousness, the deeper the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God will reveal it's secrets to us.

We don't need technology or materialistic egg-heads. We need more consciousness and higher and better thoughts. We need to become more spiritually oriented.

About the Author

To see more of Ragnar Storyteller's writings go to his websites: or Email for free 10 part mini course on using quantum physics daily

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