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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

article : Sexual History - Rasputin's Secret Russian Sex Techniques by kelly Price

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Grigori Rasputin was either a great sinner or saint, and depending on whom you speak to and read, both categories often appear. Certain Tsar Nicolas II and Tsaritsa Alexandra thought he was a saint, and the controversy about him goes on to this day.

What is not controversial was that Rasputin was a member of the religious cult known as Khyysty (the flagellants). This group would practice both self-flagellation, and group sex till exhaustion, and entering into some form of religious ecstasy.

From the diary of one of Rasputin's devotees, we find some excerpts of the sexual practices they engaged in.

At the turn of the century, Russia was (and still is) a sexually liberated place.

Many of the West's sexual mores, especially those of the UK and USA, did not affect the general Russian character. In any event, the Khyysty would use three basic sexual positions which are great for both man and women.

3 Great Positions For Better Sex

One was the woman standing bending over, bracing herself with her hands on a table or back of a chair. The second was the woman kneeling on a chair, exposing her genitals from the back and easily accessible for a standing male.

The third position is the woman on a table, with her legs handing over the supporting herself with her elbows and lower arms. All three positions assume the standing man.

The standing man was important in this group sex which was common at the time, as men would go from woman to woman, as bees go from flower to flower.

In fact, this standing position, and start - stop action would delay the climax and subsequent orgasm. The group sex sessions were said to last several a point of sheer physical exhaustion and we think sexual liberation is a new thing!

The Rasputin Position (the Monk Position)

Due to the undeniable fact that Rasputin wore monk's robes and the older Orthodox monk's rules would have forbidden him to disrobe (which is why these monks bathed so infrequently).

To engage in sex, the robe would have to be pulled up, using one hand, but as both hands were needed, the monk often would put the lower end of the garment in his mouth, holding it firmly with his teeth.

With the robe now high enough to expose the man's genitals, he would take the woman from the rear, either with both standing or the woman would sit astride the man (either facing him or back to back) in a sitting position on a chair.

The woman must do most of the work, moving in both a circular motion and then a bump and grind motion (as seen in belly dancing). The man can use his hands to help raise the woman if some thrusting needs be done by the man, but generally this is woman's work.

In both the above positions, the g-spot will be highly stimulated, as well as the clitoris, giving the woman immense pleasure and a profound orgasm.

In Defense of Rasputin

Many people claim terrible things about this controversial character. He was nevertheless a great healer, and hero to many. As to group sex as a religious rite, this practice comes to us from our earliest ancestors, and is a vestige of human culture.

We tend to think of ourselves as more liberated than ever today, but foir those who think that then perhaps they should have been around Rasputin and his followers and they would maybe change their minds!

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