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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chris Kilham’s HOT PLANTS

Welcome to the Hot Plants page, where you will learn about Chris Kilham’s most recent book, Hot Plants: Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women, and about the sustainably produced sex-enhancing herbal formulas Hot Plants™ for Him and Hot Plants™ for Her.

People are definitely searching for ways to enhance their sexual experience. In this pursuit, many people turn to drugs that may cause heart attack, stroke, blindness, temporary deafness, and unwanted hair. These seem like awful prices to pay in the pursuit of improved sexual health. Thus the creations of Hot Plants, two formulas for men and women that increase libido, enhance sexual function, and boost sexual pleasure. Many of the ingredients in Hot Plants™ for Him and Hot Plants™ for Her have been clinically studied in humans for sexual purposes, with excellent results. All of the ingredients in the formulas have a long history of safe use. And all the ingredients in the two Hot Plants formulas are in concentrated, extract form in effective doses.

Hot Plants: Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women

Hot Plants, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham’s most recent book is the result of over a decade of research and discovery.

From the ancient rainforests of Malaysia, to remote mountains in Siberia, the Amazon rainforest and the high plains of Peru, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham has scoured the globe in search of effective, sex-enhancing plants. HOT PLANTS, Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women, contains a lively account of those adventurous travels, with valuable information that you can use to boost your sex life.

The proven sex boosters in Hot Plants include Tongkat Ali, Rhodiola rosea, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha, Catuaba, Zallouh, Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Red Ginseng, and Chocolate. You'll learn about the legends, lore, traditional use, science and proper dosages of these remarkable plants.

“In our journey together in the world of hot plants, I will take you to the Amazon, Africa, China, India, Malaysia, Siberia, the Middle East, and other lands. As we travel, I will introduce you to the most effective sex enhancing plants. If you believe that nature offers no true aphrodisiac, and that only pharmaceutical drugs can enhance your sex life, the guide you hold in your hand will convince you otherwise. You will find yourself liberated from a notion that is at best incorrect, and at worst conspiratorial. If you accept that nature with it’s miraculously diversity offers love and sex potions of various types, this book will help you to know them, find them, and use them. The resource section at the end of this book will give you valuable information for leading a more sexually vital and satisfied life.

Cocoa comes from cacao beans, from a tree called Theobroma cacao. Theobroma means "food of the gods." Cocoa is made into Chocolate, a delicious confection and bona fide love drug that is admired all over the world.

• Learn which plants powerfully increase libido in both men and women.

• Learn which plants improve erectile function safely.

• Find out specifically what brands to choose, and what results you can expect.

• Put more fire into your sex life, and significantly boost your pleasure.

• Hot Plants offers a revolutionary approach to sexual health and satisfation.

If you think my book is exciting, try HOT PLANTS™ for Her and HOT PLANTS™ for Him. Building on my research, Enzymatic Therapy created these formulas, sourcing from some of the best suppliers of herbal ingredients in the industry.”

Chris Kilham
Author of HOT PLANTS

About HOT PLANTS™ for Him and HOT PLANTS™ for Her

In a time when many people are using dangerous pharmaceuticals that may cause grave health problems, Hot Plants for Him and Hot Plants for Her address sexual health needs safely, effectively, and without dangerous side effects. Not only that, but the Hot Plants formulas cost far less than prescription drugs. If you want to enhance your sexual experience, try Hot Plants.


Supports healthy sexual drive sexual function and pleasure in men.


Supports healthy sexual drive sexual function and pleasure in women.

These combinations of traditional herbs and clinically-studied extracts were developed by Chris Kilham. They have been specifically formulated to help mean and women cope with stress, increase energy, boost sex drive, and improve overall sexual satisfaction.

Where to Buy

The role of the marketplace is vital, as trade can deliver healthful plant medicines, help to alleviate environmental damage, and enhance the prospects of indigenous people. Many of the ingredients in the following products are sustainably produced, while others are someplace along the way. You can purchase Hot Plants™ for Her and Hot Plants™ for Him right here online at or at your local Health Food Retailer where they can also provide you with additional product information, promotional offers, and MORE!

Hot Plants in the News!

The Hot Plants formulas have been featured on ABC 20/20, and in over 500 newspaper features. The reason these formulas have gotten so much attention is that they work. Many medical doctors and other health practitioners recommend the Hot Plants formulas to their clients. And people who take them say that the Hot Plants formulas make a significant and positive difference in overall sexual vitality.

"Every country I travel to has at least one plant that is widely used for sexual enhancement."

Sex: Myths, Lies and Straight Talk
ABC’s 20/20, Nov 2004
Interview with
Tim Johnson, MD

Do Herbal Aphrodisiacs Work? 20/20 Sorts Fiction from the Facts of Life. In a revealing ABC 20/20 interview with medical correspondent Tim Johnson, MD, 'Medicine Hunter' Chris Kilham, Explorer in Residence at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, argues for the efficacy of natural plant-based aphrodisiacs. For thousands of years, the secret to better sex has been found along Mother Nature's medicine trail. ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson talked to doctors familiar with herbs and sexual function to find out if the ingredients in Hot Plants might have an effect on libido.

Chris Kilham, a medicine hunter, treks across the globe in search of plants that add sizzle to sex. (Watch the Interview) or (Read the Story)

“If you can use a plant and not an alien substance, that's a good option. These plants deliver the goods.”

Doing It: Naughty by Nature
Outside Magazine, Oct 2004
Interview by Brad Wetzler

Looking to ratchet up your mojo, sans synthetics? University of Massachusetts explorer in residence Chris Kilham has spent 25 years traveling the world to study native uses of medicinal plants. Despite having zero formal training in botany, the plucky adventurer and author—known to fans of his herbal guides and travelogues as the Medicine Hunter—has become a leading promoter of alternative healing.

For his 13th book, Hot Plants: Nature's Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women, Kilham traveled from Siberia to the Amazon to experience firsthand the uplifting power of ten easily purchased botanical "remedies." (Read the Story)

"A man doesn't need a study to know if he's feeling amorous. There is no such thing as a placebo erection.”

Medicine Hunter Stalks the Wild Libido Booster
Washington Post
, Oct 2004
Interview byNatalie Hopkinson

There are "greener green" slushies at the Natural Food Expo. Carb-busting canine weight-loss pills, juice for joints, medicinal mushrooms for the mind. "These are absolutely going to change your mind about soy nuts!" a crew-cut man promises as he thrusts dirt-brown packets at passersby streaming past vegan baklava and gluten-free protein brownies.

Amid 1,700 exhibitors at the Washington Convention Center yesterday, a man sits in a booth made of bamboo and built to look like a thatched hut. Strands of silver snake through his lush brown curls, his tawny skin colored by the sun in all five continents. He comes from the hills of western Massachusetts. He is Medicine Hunter.

"We tried to get him to wear a long grass skirt," someone says. The khaki-clad, Chris Kilham breaks into a smile. "You gotta know your limits," he says. (Read the Story)

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