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Thursday, April 30, 2009

article : More about Immunology

HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY: The Body's Defense System

The human body has many tactics that is employs; continuously working to eliminate potential pathogens from its territory.



Early History of Immunology: Discoveries of Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur

Some of the early discoveries that led to today's vaccines happened almost by chance. The astute observations of Jenner and Pasteur were the foundation of immunology.


Nonspecific Immunity: Skin

Our body’s first line of defense includes structures, and chemicals, processes that work to prevent pathogens entering the body. Read more about how the skin and mucous membrane help defend your body from invaders.


Leukocytes are white blood cells that can be categorized into one of two groups based on the presence or absence of granules within:

Extracellular Killing

There are two cell types that do their killing extracellularly (outside the cell). These include Natural Killer Lymphocytes(NK cells) and Eosinophils.

The Complement System

The complement system consists of specific proteins circulating in blood plasma. Most are inactive until they are cut by an enzyme and activated. The pattern of sequential activation of complements results in a cascade of events that ultimately protect the body


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Macrophage, National Science Foundation

Neutrophil engulfing anthrax bacteria, Tim Vickers, Wikim

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