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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

article : The Advantages Of Engaging In Penis Exercises by Temitayo Olatunde

If you do a search on penis enlargement on the Internet today, you would discover that the most popular method of increasing one’s penis size is the use of penis exercises. The main idea behind penis enlargement exercises is that by massaging your penis with your hands you force more blood into your penis tissues, which stretch and expand your penis tissues. Engaging in these penis exercises for a period of time would give you a longer and thicker penis.

A basic understand of your penis would enable you to fully understand how penis enlargement exercises work in causing penis growth. Your penis is divided into 3 main chambers. The 2 large chambers located on the top is called the Corpora Cavernosa, while the smaller chamber located at the bottom is known as the Corpus Spongisum. When you achieve an erection, these chambers become filled with blood and expands to it fullest size. The large chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) are the main blood holding chamber of the penis and is responsible for 90% of the size of the erect penis size. While the Corpus Spongisum is the chamber you use for ejaculation and urination.

Since the Corpora Cavernosa is already filled to capacity during an erection, you might wonder how then can you increase your penis size. In comes the "wonder" of penis exercises. These special and dedicated exercises were designed to increase the size of your Corpora Cavernosa, thereby causing penis growth and development. Engaging in penis enlargement exercises for a period of time would improve an increase the size of your Corpora Cavernosa.

You would experience harder and thicker erections as one of the benefits of engaging in penis exercises after a few weeks. This is because of the improved blood circulation around your genitals and the increase in the amount of blood entering into your penis. Also your flaccid penis size increases because your penis tissues, which are stretched and expanded while engaging in penile enlargement exercises, grow to larger sizes as you keep doing these exercises.

If you engage in penis exercises, you can expect at least half an inch in your erect penis length and a quarter of an inch increase in your erect penis girth after 3 â€" 4 weeks. After this period you would have increased and enhanced the function of your "PC muscles". These muscles are used for controlling your ejaculations. And gaining control over these muscles is the first step in improving and increasing your sexual stamina (preventing quick ejaculation).

As you continue engaging in penis enlargement exercises regularly for about 3 â€" 6 months, you would definitely see an increase in the size of your erect penis length by about 2 â€" 3 inches and 1 â€" 2 inches in your erect penis girth. The key to getting these amounts of penis growth is staying focused and "sticking" to your penis exercise routines.

Some of the few advantages of engaging in penis enlargement exercises are included below:

  • Larger head size
  • Improvement in urinary flow
  • Stronger erections
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Explosive orgasms

One complaint that some men have about penis enlargement exercises is that it takes quite some time for them to reach their desired penis size. You can solve this little problem by combining your penile enlargement exercise program with a quality herbal penis enlargement pill. The herbal penis enlargement pills improve blood flow to the penis, heal worn-out penis tissues and also cause penis growth. The combination of penis exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills is what I used in ensuring that I achieved the maximum gains possible while I was engaging in penile exercises. Definitely If I could Increase my erect penis length by 2 inches and erect penis girth by 1.5 inches then you can!

Like I said engaging penis enlargement exercises works, but to avoid being anxious for results I would advise you combine your penile enlargement exercise program with a quality herbal penis enlargement pill. Always make sure you use only quality penis enlargement products to avoid endangering your health. To find a few of the best penis exercise programs and herbal penis enlargement pills available in the market today visit

About the Author

Temitayo Olatunde is passionate about educating couples both young, middle aged and old on how they can enjoy a great sex life. Visit his blog where he discusses a lot more on how to achieve an explosive sex life!

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