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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

article : Know the Best Kama Sutra Positions - Make Your Lover Begs You For More by Bryan Burbank

In Kama Sutra there are many sexual positions that will keep your partner begging for more. Everybody know the basics of lovemaking and one of the greatest things is to have both partners reach a orgasmic climax but sometimes it can get boring and reaching that climax can be more difficult. It is good to know about some proven techniques that will help you get to a mind blowing orgasm.

Learn How To: Get Top Lovemaking Tips

To allow for deep penetration you can use the hopscotch position this is were the woman will lie flat on her back and then you penetrate her, it works best if you place her feet on your chest. This is a great position because you can control the thrust and deepness of the penetration.

Learn How To: Have a Mind Blowing Orgasm

Another great position is the clip position because you get flat on your back and she gets on top. This is great because she controls her hip motion and this will allow for a grinding motion which will make her reach a climax faster. Remember when she is doing this motion to pace yourself because guys tend to explode in this position a little early.

The advanced doggy position is great because it allows for the deepest penetration possible. You get in the regular doggy position but the twist is that the man gets on his feet rather than his knees. This allows him to be elevated and it allows for him to get very deep, the great advantage is the womans G Spot area will get very stimulated with this position.

It is always best to be armed with the best material available so that you know what the greatest Love Making Positions are.

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Bryan Burbank is an Expert in Kama Sutra for more information go to:

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