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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

article : Get to Know The Best Sexual Positions - Learn The Mistakes Most Guys Make by Bryan Burbank

The Best Sexual Positions are not usually found in a porn movie. The Mistake that most guys make is that they will watch a movie and then they think that they have learned all the moves to make there partner go wild in bed. It is important to understand that the adult movies that you watch are usually a lot of scenes spliced together to give you the affect that the people on the screen are making love for hours at a time when in fact they are not.

Learn How To: Get Top Lovemaking Tips

The are some mistakes that guys make and we are going to go through some of them. When making love guys will tend to try hard to not put any weight on there partner and the truth is that women like the pressure they fell from there man and it is a good way to stimulate her to a climax. You don't want to over bear her but make sure you get a good amount of pressure on her vaginal area.

Learn How To: Have a Mind Blowing Orgasm

Some guys also get the notion that the more difficult the position that the better is is. This is in most cases not true because getting into an unnatural position usually will add extra strain on both partners. It is better to use the standard positions and then enhance them slightly for added pleasure.

When trying to please your partner it is always best to be armed with the information and the secrets you need to be a great lover. Also don't be afraid to use a book or manual when looking for something new to add to your love life.

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Bryan Burbank is an Expert in Kama Sutra for more information go to:

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