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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

article : French Kiss - Why do people love it ? by Rachel Smith

Its shocking to know that many people kiss in different ways , some are more passionate and some are playful kisses. So what type of kisses do you like ? In relationship , many of us cannot live without kissing. The Most popular kiss is the french kiss . Why French kiss because as you have seen in many movies , this is probably the most people used for romantic kiss in young and adult. French Kiss usually long and usually takes the couples to open their lips and play with their tongues.

I'm not sure if the French have actually been the first to kiss like that, but let's say the name is a tribute to the city of lovers, Paris. The two partners can use their tongues to explore each other's mouths. This is actually up to the imagination of the two people involved, since there are far too many ways in which the play of tongues can underscore tenderness and passion.French Kiss usually very romantic and you will feel the romantic ways of french kiss .

Sometimes French Kiss would last for more than 30 minutes before you go into deeper action like sex. French Kiss usually will sow some passion and tenderness. You can feel the feelings is very nice after you have french kissing. Sometimes you can even dream and think about French Kissing.

French Kisss sometimes can be addictive but french kiss must have two person want to do it . One party does not want to french kiss , usually it does not feel the goodness in french kiss.

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About the Author

Rachel is an internet marketer who loves to write in various topics including sex , health and relationship ,Find out More on Our Best Sex Guide to Impress your Love ones

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