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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

article : Eye Body Language! What's Really on Their Mind? by Steve Hedger

Eye body language can help you know if your date is really attracted to you.The eye body language secret I have listed below is one of my favorites, so next time you're out, lets see who is attracted to you.

You can also use these tips to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. So let's get going, have fun and enjoy!

When you really fancy the pants off someone you just met, it is an amazing feeling. But unless you know if the feelings are reciprocated then this is also very frustrating.

You just want to know. So do you fancy me or not? But you just can't ask that! can ask what you want, but that is not a question that will help either of you. Your answers are right there in front of you. People give off unspoken signals constantly and when you are on a date it is like a firework display. But only if you know what to look for! In this first tip we are going to look at attraction through body language eye contact.

The eye contact body language gives the game away.

Lets start with some little known signals. The eyes are a big give-a-way. What you're after is a combination of body language and eye contact. We will come onto more body language secrets later in this series, but for now we will focus on the eyes. Most of us have heard that dilated pupils mean attraction and this is true, but this can be confused by low lighting that can also affect our eyes this way. A sure fire way to notice attraction is to look for glassy eyes. When someone is aroused by another their body creates moisture in the genital region, what you may not know is, this moisture also builds up in the eyes, giving a glassy appearance. If you get this, yes they are very attracted to you.

You next observation will be to watch the movement of the eyes. Watch how their eyes move around your face. Notice how they move when you first meet and check what happens as the date progresses. What you are looking for is a triangular eye movement, that will go from one eye to a body part and back to the other eye. This eye body language will tell you alot about your dates intentions.

Eye body language explained:

Eye to nose to eye - This is a social eye pattern and if this is what you get, then it looks like your just friends. However, still watch to see if this changes into a different pattern as the date progresses.

Eye to mouth to eye -This means there is more attraction as the mouth is a sexual area.

Eye to chest to eye - Definite attraction with a desire to explore.

Eye to genitals to eye - Very full on sexual thoughts. If you are receiving either of these signals, you will now know what is on your dates mind.

This eye contact and body language little known secret really works. It's so nice to see who might be interested in you so I hope you enjoyed this tip body language tip for the eyes. There are many more tips like this when you enter your details in the boxes below. Share this secret with your friends and create a great night out!

About the Author

Article by Steve Hedger Relationship Coach and founder of . Relationship and dating help, advice and tips. I cover body language, sex, affairs, love, soul mates, the art of being single. Plus the best relationship online sites and ebooks all at Come to DatingShoes today and ask Steve a question.

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