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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

article : Body Language Signs: Mirroring a Powerful Flirting Tool by Steve Hedger

Body language signs that someone is attracted to you is a great feeling. Imagine secretly knowing their intentions is an empowering feeling. Here is another tip that's crucial so enjoy and have fun. Remember you can have all my tips delivered direct to your email each week so sign up to the news letter today and get more secrets that will attract others to you!

Reading someone's body language can give you a lot of information about how they are feeling about you. When you are in a relationship or on a date then this can be critical to know what is really going on in their minds. The art of reading body language is about piecing together a combination of actions that will tell you what someone is experiencing about you; what you are doing and what you are saying. This is another example in my series.

Mirroring is one of the most powerful and persuasive body language tools we all have. People who are really interested in each other do it without thinking. If you really like someone and you're not sure how they feel about you then you can use this method to your advantage. Mirroring is simple. It's just as it sounds, but what is key, is to put all the pieces together. So what are the elements? The eyes are like a firework display if you know what to look for. If you have read my first article then you will know the first thing to look for in someone's eyes.

The next thing to learn about eyes is the eyebrows; they are a clear indication of interest! Watch how they rise and fall during a conversation the more this happens the more interested they are. It's quite entertaining to watch couples that have just met. Watch their eyebrows move up and down, what is entertaining is the speed its like a crazy eyebrow dance!

So what can you do with this? Firstly, if your date is doing this you know they are interested. Secondly if you do it (don't go mad) then the raising of eyebrows indicates interest. We all love someone interested in us so give it a try! I am not going to labour the obvious too much but smile and maintain eye contact, the reverse will make you look miserable and shifty, and the last thing you want!

Back to mirroring. The next thing to mirror is the speed in which you talk. You will notice when you are with your friends that you probably speak at the same speed and that is why you are all in rapport. When you're with a date slow or speed up your speech. Speaking at different speed is uncomfortable, test it with your friends, and then test it with your dates.

Sales people use speech speed a lot. They will usually speed up and distort their voice when it comes to giving you the price of a product. They know that this technique has a good chance of removing that piece of information from your mind so you miss the price and focus on the product features and benefits.

So get in rapport by mirroring their speech. The other thing to notice with speech is that when men and women are attracted to each other their voices change without them knowing. A mans voice will lower and a woman's voice will become higher. What these two people are trying to create without realising is the differences between the sexes. It is the differences that make them more attractive to the opposite sex. We have now covered the face and some techniques to look out for and try.

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Article by Steve Hedger Relationship Coach and founder of . Relationship and dating help, advice and tips. I cover body language, sex, affairs, love, soul mates, the art of being single. Plus the best relationship online sites and ebooks all at Come to DatingShoes today and ask Steve a question.

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