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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

article : The benefits of glass dildos by Suzie Harris

The dildo is simply heated by running hot water over it . If you want the dildo really warm then keep it in the water for longer, or if you just want it luke warm then just run it under the water for a little bit. After the dildo is warm then you’re ready to roll. You’ll experience an explosive orgasm from the heat of the dildo.

Chilling the dildo

By putting the dildo into the freezer or fridge you’ll chill the dildo. For the extra chilled affect go for the freezer, or if you’re not that game just chill it in the fridge for 20 minutes or so. The chilled dildo on your vagina will cause the hairs of your arms to stand on end and give you an wildly powerfully orgasm.

Experiment with the glass dildo all over your body. You’ll find the sensation on the clitoris amazing. Glass dildos are great because they add variety to your masturbation play. Glass dildos really add variety in the bedroom.

Tips for having even more fun

Give your partner a thrill and use come to bed with a hot or cold dildo. Use it to rub over their body �" you don’t just have to use it on yourself! Try rubbing the chilled dildo on his testicles. Thrill him even more and give him a head job at the same time you rub his testicles with the dildo.

You can rub the dildo over your breasts. Light touches to your breasts will give a tingling sensation, and use your other hand to play with yourself. Using glass dildos brings much enjoyment and to your entire body. Glass is extremely easy to clean as well. For a dildo with extra special features, glass dildos are it.

You’ll find glass dildos in their own category on most online adult shops. If not there will be section called dildos and you’ll just have to sift through the range until you come across one that says it is made from glass. The title of the product often says something about glass so it should be easy enough to find one at an online adult shop.

Glass dildos are ideal for women looking that something special in a dildo.

About the Author

This article has been written by Suzie Harris. Suzie enjoys sharing her knowledge on adult toys for women, particularly dildos.

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