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Thursday, March 12, 2009

article : CAMP Test

CAMP is an acronym for Christie, Atkins, Munch, Petersen, the discoverers of this phenomenon.

This procedure is used to confirm that a bacterial strain is a Group B streptococci by production of a characteristic zone of hemolysis when grown in proximity to S. aureus.


    1. Using an inoculating needle or the edge of a loop, streak S. aureus in a straight line down the center of a BAP.

    2. Streak strains of suspected streptococci at right angles to the S. aureus 2-3 cm apart.

    3. Be careful to streak the streptococcal strains close to, but not touching, the S. aureus streak. Label and incubate at 37o C.

Results: Observe for signs of enhanced hemolysis in the shape of an "arrowhead" where the S. aureus and streptococcal growth are in the nearest proximity.

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