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Thursday, March 12, 2009

article : Handling Tubes of Broth or Agar Media

Never lay tubes down on the counter. Always stand tubes in a rack. If you are right-handed, pick the tube up with left hand, and remove the plug or cap with the little finger of right hand, leaving the thumb and other fingers free to hold the inoculating loop or pipette. Do NOT lay the plug down, or touch anything with it. Holding the tube at about a 45o angle, pass the open end of the tube through the bunsen burner flame, remove the growth required with the loop or pipette, flame the lip of the tube again, and replace the plug which you are still holding in the crook of the little finger of right hand.

Dispose of all old cultures in the proper containers. (See General Rules). Agar plates should not be left in the incubator for more than two days, or they will dry up. When you must save them for a few days, store them in the cold room (see Lab Coordinator). Do not leave old cultures lying about the room.

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