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Thursday, March 12, 2009

article : In Vitro Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

Performed to determine the susceptibility of the organism isolated from the diseased host; Generate antibiogram(s)

Broth Dilution MIC test

Agar Dilution MIC test

Broth/Agar MBC test

Agar Diffusion (Kirby-Bauer Disk) Test: Measure diameter of zone of inhibition; Read as susceptible, intermediate, or resistant

    Factors influencing zones of inhibition on agar

    Concentration of bacteria spread onto agar plate
    Pathogen susceptibility

    Antibiotic diffusion effects
    Agar depth
    Growth rate
    Nutrient availability
    Drug antagonists

    Factors influencing diffusion of antibiotic

    Concentration of antibiotic: Kirby-Bauer disks, E-tests have standardized concentrations
    Molecular weight of antibiotic
    Water solubility of antibiotic
    pH and ionization
    Binding to agar

Modern Commercial Kits (e.g., E-test strips (up to six) on an agar plate and can be read out as MIC)

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